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 Home > News > The Eloizes Awards in Charlottetown Acadia
  24 April 2008  

The Eloizes Awards in Charlottetown Acadia


The Association acadienne des artistes professionnels du Nouveau-Brunswick (AAAPNB, Acadian association of New-Brunswick music industry) is inviting Islanders and the entire Atlantic Canadian population to celebrate the 10 years of success of the Eloizes Awards, to be held this year in Charlottetown (Canada) from April 30th to May 4th, 2008.

“We are very proud to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Eloizes Evening and to hold our awards gala in Prince Edward Island for the very first time. Artists are very similar to the Island’s Acadians since they are filled with both audacity and tenacity. Our Eloizes Evening is a great opportunity to pay tribute to the talent and creative spirit of artists from all over the Acadia” said AAAPNB President Louise Lemieux.

The awards night highlights the work of artists who have distinguished themselves in 2007 in six artistic fields: litterature, visual arts, cinema-videos, dance, music and theatre.

“This year, we will offer our audience a fantasy cabaret evening, providing with a special nod to the past. The participating artists have generously immersed themselves into the evening’s theme,” noted the evening’s artistic directors Philip-Andre Collette and Amelie Gosselin. “The public can expect an evening that will be anything but ordinary” they concluded.

The Eloizes Evening is already a grand celebration of the arts by itself. But last year, it became part of the larger Eloizes Event, which is full of artistic activities for the public.

“The Eloizes Event is the absolute best promotional vehicle for our artists and has also become a beacon event that enables the Acadia to shine brightly beyond its borders. The Eloizes Event helps draw artists and the arts closer to the community, demystifies the artistic creation process and makes art more accessible to everyone” added Carmen Gibbs, Executive Director of the AAAPNB.

Among the events offered to the public are the youth event, “En route vers les Eloizes” (On the way to the Eloizes), which will be presented in Acadian schools. Everybody will also be able to attend a wide variety of events, including art exhibits, fun evenings at the Charlottetown bars Fishbone’s and Brennan’s, Cinema 72, the creation of a work of art, performances in the city, National Film Board films, a Kitchen Party, “La Veillée au salon”, the Creators’ Circle, the Eloizes Evening and the Artists’ Party.

» AAAPNB website
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