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  17 March 2006  

Wiska Festival 2006


Wiska festival 2006 will be held saturdays April 1 with Space Francis Laloux in Jambes very close to Namur (Belgium). This date was selected because it is located at the beginning of the holidays of Easter which is one calm period for the majority of the students.

The festival will take place with Jambes, 5 min of the station, and 10 minutes of the centre town. What will enable him to be accessible to a maximum of people. Six groups will follow one another on a single scene during new the hours which the festival will last.

After having been spectators with many festivals, two buddies having like common passion the music and in particular the SKA, are reflected with the challenge to organize a festival. This bet, which at the base seemed imaginary became reality. Wiska Festival Had been born.
This one with besides acquired a serious notoriety by its first edition which achieved its goals at 200%. We wanted to propose a festival of quality at a democratic price whose benefit would go to a caritative?uvre. We chose to pour the benefit in the Islands of Peace since one of the organizers east left in Burkina Faso to visit there the various projects implemented by ONG.
For the edition 2006, our objectives remain absolutely unchanged, except a will of democratization to the access to the culture. For that, we decided to organize Wiska Festival with Legs on right bank of our city, in space Francis Laloux. A will of international opening also appeared among us. In group 5 hundred Deposit testifies to New York, as well as Milca of Auvergne.

After the success of the preceding editions, we decided to create our ASBL and to continue with the organization of Wiska Festival. WISK A.S.B.L was selected this with zoom jeune(concours to reward the French-speaking young projects).
We wish within the splendid framework of Space Laloux de Namur, to offer a festival of quality at democratic price with foreign groups with the Namurian scene while bringing a practical assistance to of ONG. This year still, the benefit of the festival will be versed in Ong «the Islands of Peace». Those officiating in various Third World countries by the means of project of co-operation. Concretely, WISK ASBL thus took part in the financing of a network of well in the area of Tensobentega to Burkina Faso.

The notoriety unceasingly growing of the SKA and Wiska Festival goes hand in hand with our agreement made with the famous French ASKADEMIE (organization promoting the groups of French ska). We decided to make there play gaining them.
The askadémie makes it possible to make known to us by the people buying compiles it (3000 albums sold for askademy 1, 4000 albums sold for askademy 2) and the people visiting the Web site (150.000 Web pages visited in 2004).

The artistic programming, although directed towards the ska, remains varied. The groups which we propose this year are :

B.P. Buckshot
The young cinacians began in September 2004 with Julien, Martin and Simon. Vasco joined the group in February 2005. A set of 9 songs is rather quickly created. The musical style is the punk melody one and their influences are Pennywise, Rancid, Nofx, Bouncing Souls, Bad Religion, Less Than Jake, Dropkick Murphys, Lars Frederiksen and The Bastards, Nervous Chillin.

13 K
13K, pronounce «très ska», is a collective made up of 16 members resulting from different horizons, as well geographical as musical. With two years of experiment to the four corners of Wallonia and Brussels, 13k forged its own musical style, and there, there is not deception on the goods; their ska-core or ska-punk, it does not matter the label, wants to be the result of a fast, enjouée and festive production.

El pueblo de la lluvia
Reggae ska latino «big band»! Fiesta Latina according to El Pueblo mixes reggae, ska, salsa and rumba. The musical receipt is simple and effective in a métissé style which invites to the dance. The words, mainly in Spanish, bring the toca latina to the compositions, they speak about the life, the love, the bad weather, the holidays... El Pueblo of the lluvia makes the bet take along the public towards the sun. Appointment on scene.

Skamuraï munchies
Skamuraï Munchies is a project resulting from the combination from two instrumental musicians (low, battery), two electronic modellers (keyboard, samples) and of a vocalist hirsute. It comes out from it a base rock’n’roll narration breakée of a lyric dubstep, kind of Dolly sound escaped from the laboratory of Professor Tournesol. This project is the result of a change of the group "The Skamuraï Munchies", whose style ska and 2-tone seemed to be incarnated by «K» present in the name... The removal of this letter is more one release as for these influences that the mark of a radical transition. It is a question of exploring new sonorities which would make it possible to express our current ideas, without constraint of musical style; an evolution more than one break. Group headlight of the scene ska Bruxelloise, tempting by its style well sprinkled rock’n’roll 2-tone striking and these concerts. In constant evolution, the group presents today a contemporary version of its musical universe. Do not hesitate to discover them into live, «they send the large one...»

La milca
Born in 2001, on the banks auvergnates of Mills, Milca distils its song-rock’n’roll-bastringue alambiquée with the gasolines of accordion music epileptic and sometimes raised of a point of ska. With the exit of the album «Philosophies of counters», Milca engages on a new way and returns in real a deémarche of author, impelled by a charismatic singer the texts, subtle, written well and often realistic, tell moving stories which come to contrast with a generally festive and removed orchestration. In short, a popular rock’n’roll which has the knack to ignite the public with simple but engraved pieces, coloured by the rhythmic ones varied, in the line of the French song of the Stiff Heads, Hurlements of Léo, ogre of Barback, Ramses... Since, the group connects the concerts and the festivals, and passes in first part of many prestigious groups: Mickey3D, Arno, Ogres of Barback, Caméléons(Wiska²festival), Java, Ramses, Fred, Spook and the Guay...

5¢ Deposit
It is into 1998 that the group was formed made up of three members Island Length. They decided to play the music that they like i.e. of Pop-Punk Power. After having repeated long days, the group taken the name of 5¢ Deposit. Their influence go from the rock’n’roll ` N roll of the Fifties 60 to groups like NOFX, Green Day, Face To Face and Mxpx
5¢ Deposit developed its style and obtained recognition thanks to their concerts through the USA and with étranger(tournée European in September October 2005: Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherlands and more than 30 dates!!!)
While taking part in a great number of compilations, emission radio/télé and then while playing at the time of Van’ S Warped Turn, the group did not make that progressé.Ils also took part in concerts televised as in The District on CBS.

They played with, took part on compilations, and/or took part in the sound tracks of the vidéos of action/sport with the following groups : Bigwig, Dynamite Boy, Home Grown, Pennywise, Strung Out, Catch 22, New Found Glory, The Ataris, A Wilhelm Scream, Don’t Look Down, Fenix TX, Finch, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Sugalcult, Yellowcard, Matchbook Romance, Midtown, Limp, Showoff, Less Than Jake, Rufio, Fallout Boy, Hoobastank

Between the concerts, artists of street, jugglers, players of twin wheel, spitting of fire will divert the spectators. There will be also demonstrations of will capoeira, magic and illusion as well as musical animations.

» Wiska Festival website
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