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Lost Bayou Ramblers - Pilette breakdown

(Swallow - 2003)
Pilette Breakdown
Tu Peut Cognér
O Bebe
Tu Peut Pas M’Arreter de Rêver
Blues de la Frontier (Border Blues)
Moi J’Connais Pas
Melville 2-Step
O Bye/Bluerunner [Live]
Louisiana Boogie Woogie [Live]
Holly Beach (Les Bon Temps Rouler)
Rainé Stomp
Chameaux 1-Step
Valse Criminelle
Café Chaud

In Louisiana, the new generation of Cajun musicians is very creative. Les Frères Michot, who gave us two albums, left their children for a solo career. They propose here 15 songs of which «Tu peux pas m’arrêter de rêver», «Moi j’connais pas» and a Dewey Balfa cover song named «La valse criminelle». Louis (fiddle and vocals) et André (accordion) Michot grew up in Pilette, between Broussard and Lafayette: here is the story of their adventures staged with some original songs composed since 1999. An astonishing work which reconciles the champions of tradition and the champions of modernity.

8 March 2005


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