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Meiway - Golgotha

(Lusafrica/BMG - 2004)
800 %
Kk mou prudencia (Avec Koffi Olomidé)
Voila string
Oh lele
DJ tassouman
Le chants des martyrs (Avec Lokua Kanza)
Koundoum beat (Avec Kojo Antwi)
Bami power
Prends mais laisse
Je suis sans papiers

Frédéric Désiré Ehui is born March 17, 1962, in Grand Bassam, a coastal town in the east of Abidjan. He came to Paris in 1989 and founded the group Zo Gang. His style, named zoblazo, is a synthesis of different folklores of the Southern Ivory Coast, mixed with influences of his own community, the N’Zema (also named Apollo). Meiway is back with an eighth album with appearances from some prestigious guests as Lokua Kanza or Koffi Olomidé. Koffi sings on the first single: « Kkmou prudencia ». This song refers to fashion dances in Ivory Coast (prudencia, coupé décalé) and is a very beautiful call for a national peace. A must have.

9 April 2005


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