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Corneille - Parce qu’on vient de loin

(Wagram - 2003)
Seul au monde
Sans rancune
Ca me va
Rêve de star
Avec classe
Parce qu’on vient de loin
On regarde
Qu’est-ce que tu te fais
Comme un fils

Nyungarura is his family name: Corneille is born in 1977 and grew up in Kigali, Rwanda until 1994. After the genocide and his parents’ murder, he left the country. Because he likes soul and new jack, he decided to go to Québec and to create in 2001 a band called O.N.E.

They had a first success with « Zoukin »; nevertheless Corneille wanted to mange his own career. This first record proposes French-speaking R&B music: a clever mix between quality and beautiful texts, inspired by the artist’s own tragic story. His texts speak about war, racism, loneliness,... but there is no despair because wisdom and optimism are the final winners.

All the great afro-american music tradition is introduced, including soul, Blues, gospel,... sung by a young man with a wounded and smooth voice. Four singles: « Avec classe », « Ensemble » (number one in France), « Rêves de star » and « Seul au monde ».

23 July 2005


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