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Nadiya - 16/9

(Columbia - 2004)
Parle moi
Et c’est parti
Quand vient la nuit
Si loin de vous
Les gestes pas les mots
Nadiya vers les étoiles
Ouvre grand ton cœur
La personne à qui tu penses
Hey !!! Laisse tomber

2005 French Music Award winner for the best rap/R&B album, Nadiya is a « warrior » who takes life as a daily fight. Her first record was called « Changer les choses »; but it’s only with « 16/9 » that she obtains the recognition of a large public. Released in 2004 after the strong success of the singles « Parle moi » and « Et c’est parti », the new album is produced by Thierry « Rebass » Gronfier. S.T.A aka Mehdy Boussaid, Cool T and Smartzee, who are the special guests of this new production which mixes hip hop and cinema with harmony. Nadiya, with algerian roots, is born in 1973. Mother of a young Yacine, she confesses that she likes boxing, Matrix and the French artist Willy Denzey. Her simple messages, « Trust in you! » « Reach for your dream! », touched the hearts of the French-speaking youths who like to dance to modern and groovy music.

15 October 2005


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