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Magic System - Le gaou va bouger?

Cessa kie la vérité
(Showbiz/Virgin - 2005)
Petit pompier
Bouger bouger
Tikilipo (with Alpha Blondy)
Matilisso (with Brenda Fassie)
Molo molo
Pépé soupe
Lion affamé
Un gaou à Oran
Bouger bouger (with Mokobe du 113)

Magic System’s success has been a great is surprise: the band is formed by Asalfo, Goudé, Tino and Manadja in 1996 in Ivory Coast. They stood out in the zouglou scene with their first record « Papitou ». In 1999, they triumphed in Africa with « Premier gaou » (300 000 tapes sold) and in France in 2000 with a remix version by Bob Sinclar (400 000 singles and 200 000 cd’s sold). They are back in 2003 with « Un gaou à Oran » (300 000 records sold) from the record « Poisson d’avril ». The fourth record « Cessa kie la vérité » gave them recognition: « Bouger bouger » was the biggest hit of summer 2005. Their songs are about ethnic divisions, delinquincy or abortion. During the actual Abidjan political crisis, zouglou gives a humoristic message: « Tant qu’il y a d’la vie, y’a de l’espoir » (as long as there is life, there’s hope). This african music mixed with a French-speaking expression is the result of a blending process which reunites bambara, mina, baoulé and bété accents: with Magic System, the Francophone musical world scene is moving up!

20 October 2005


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