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Tiken Jah Fakoly - Coup de gueule

(Barclay, 2004)
Plus rien ne m’étonne
Quitte le pouvoir
Alou maye
Tonton d’America
Ca va faire mal
Où veux-tu que j’aille
L’Afrique doit du fric

On this fifth record, our African « modern griot » uses reggae music to expose, to illustrate people’s suffering throughout the world: he attacks politicians in Quitte le pouvoir, denounces the impact of globalization in Tonton d’America and hypocrisy of African debt in L’Afrique a du fric. Produced in Jamaïca by Tyrone Downie, the 12 songs bring out the traditional instruments (balafon, manding guitar, n’goni). Tiken has guests: Zebda for Où veux-tu que j’aille? and Didier Awadi of the Senegal’s band Positive Black Soul. With his life threatened in his native country of Ivory Coast, Tiken presently lives in Mali. Far from the Fakoly community, a respected clan of blacksmiths and warriors.

If you give me your uranium,
me, I give you aluminium.
If you give me lots of wheat,
me, I make war on your side.
If you let me extract your gold,
me, I let you kick the General out (...)
They divided the world, nothing more surprises me.

2 February 2006

Olivier Marteau

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