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Les Cowboys Fringants - La grand messe

(Warner - 2005)
Les étoiles filantes
8 secondes
Plus rien
Symphonie pour caza
La reine
En attendant (le reel de nos gens)
Lettre à Lévesque
Ces temps-ci
Ma belle Sophie
Shish taouk
Camping Ste-Germaine
Si la vie vous intéresse
Epilogue si tu penses un peu comme ça

Karl Tremblay (lead singer), Jérôme Dupras (bass), Dominque Lebeau (drums), Marie-Annick Lépine (violin, guitar) and Jean-François Pauzé (harmonica, guitar) are one of the best new Francophone bands: coming from Rétigny (Québec), they are known for their militant music. In this fifth album, they are singing about environmental issues or consumerism in modern society. Among their 16 songs, one of the best is « Les étoiles filantes », a tribute to young people. The best way to discover this Canadian band is to go to the concerts: their energetic folk-rock music is really impressing during live performances.

14 May 2006

Olivier Marteau

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