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Pine Leaf Boys - La musique

(Arhoolie - 2005)
Pine Leaf Boy Two-step
I’m Not Lonesome Anymore
La Belle Josette
New Family Waltz
Blues de Bosco
La Bande de Murier
Hommage à Poullard
La Valse de Vieux Charpentier
Festival Acadien Waltz
Chez Moreau
I’ll Have to Forget You
Les Barres de la Prison
Valse de Josephine
Lawtell Two-step

This new Cajun band is formed by Wilson Savoy, Cedric Watson, Drew Simon, Jon Bertrand and Blake Miller. In two years, they became very popular locally after many concerts and their first album. The 14 songs express both tradition and modernity as the challenges of the 21st century for the fragile French community of Louisiana. Like their music, some artists of the young generation continue to resist global assimilation. Cedric Watson, the young black Creole, and Wilson Savoy, son of the famous Marc Savoy, are excellent composers. They mix their own new songs with some clever reprises. Their music is dynamic, fresh and essential for one’s cd collection.

20 January 2007


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