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Air - Pocket Symphony

(Virgin - 2007)
Space Maker
Once Upon A Time
One Hell Of A Party (Feat. Jarvis Cocker)
Napalm Love
Mayfair Song
Left Bank
Mer Du Japon
Lost Message
Somewhere Between Waking And Sleeping (Feat. Neil Hannon)
Redhead Girl
Night Sight

Discovered with the song « Sexy boy » in 1998, Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunkel are today the most famous artists from Versailles. Heirs of the 1970’s experimental music wave, Air quickly became the favorite of the Brittish press.

The albums « Premiers symptômes » (1997), « Moon safari » (1998), « The Virgin suicides » (2000), « 10,000Hz Legend » (2001) and « Talkie walkie » (2003) became instant i-pod classics.

Air new album « Pocket Symphony », co-produced by Nigel Godrich, contains duets with Jarvis Cocker (Pulp) and Neil Hannon (Divine Comedy). « Once upon a time », the first single, exudes an atmospheric feeling which is now a part of our daily life.

16 March 2007


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