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Young Gods - XXY 1985/2005

(PIAS - 2005)
CD 1 best of
Gasoline Man
Kissing The Sun
Did You Miss Me
Fais La Mouette
September Song
L’Eau Rouge
Pas Mal
Our house
Gardez Les Esprits
Toi Du Monde
Child In The Tree
Donnez Les Esprits
Alabama Song

CD 2 remixes & rarities
Gasoline Man (Megadrive Mix)
Astronomic (Astronomix Evil C, edit)
Skinflowers (Brainforest Mix by F. Treichler)
In the Otherland (Lithos Mix by B. Trontin)
Child in the Tree (String Arrangment Demo by F. Rody)
Drun (Heaven Deconstruction by TYG Album Version)
Supersonic (Dub Mix by F. Treichler)
Requiem pour un Con (Serge Gainsbourg Cover by F. Treichler)
Astronomic (Version 2, edit by V. Hänni)
The End (The Doors, Live Cover by TYG)
Supersonic (Al Mix by A. Monod)
Kissing the Sun (Dub the Sun Mix by Mad Professor)
The Sound in your Eyes (Naive Mix by B. Trontin)
Astronomic (AS_Float MIx, edit by V. Hänni)
Iwasi (Music For Artificial Clouds by TYG Album Version)

1989: a UFO from the Roman Switzerland is in the famous Brittish Indie Top 20 with « L’amourir » and « Pas mal ». This band, a pioneer in the electro-industrial music scene, released today their first compilation album « XXY YY years » : the first cd contains the best songs with hits like « Kissing The Sun » and « Skinflowers » ; the second cd is composed of remixes and rarities as « Requiem pour un con ».

The story of the band started in 1985 in Geneva: Franz Treichler (singing) founded The Young Gods with Césare Pizzi (sampler) and Franck Bagnoud (drums). He was innovative in rock music to find new sounds with machines and without guitars. The result was a cold and industrial rock sound, adding the deep and death rattle voice of Franz Treichler.

In 1987, The Young Gods proposed their first album « Young Gods » and a first single, « Envoyé », a mechanical and synthetical punk hymn. This album was awarded Album of the year 1987 by the Melody Maker. Two years later, the album « L’eau rouge » was a success with the European hit « L’Amourir ». This song revealed a method by using and remixing samples of Prince, Van Halen or Jimmy Hendrix. In 1992, « TV Sky » went to American music charts and to a large worldwide public. They started to work on a new ambient sound for « Heaven deconstuction » (1997), « Second Nature » (2000) and « Music for Artificial Clouds » (2004).

Today The Young Gods is formed by Franz Treichler, Bernard Trontin and Alain « Al Comet ». They influenced a lot of other bands like Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Faith No More or U2 on « Achtung Baby ». The Hedge considers them as « a major influence in the contemporary music history ».

1 August 2007

Philippe Bessière

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