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Video: Henri Salvador «Zorro est arrivé»

The video «Zorro est arrivé» represents very well the diversified character of French singer Henri Salvador. This song, from the album «Zorro est arrivé», released in 1964, is a milestone in his career. For the production of this album was made by the independent label Rigolo created by Henri Salvador and his wife.

The nonsense of the direction makes the lyrics funnier. Henri Salvador performs all the characters. It is so funny to see him in the end lose his riding breeches...

This video or actually Scopitone is, among others, the father of our videos. These videos were rather lip-sync short films where the soundtrack was added last. Hence the slight gap between the sound and the picture. Henri Salvador already knew how helpful these videos were for promotion.

French director Robert Valey directed 7 more Scopitones for Henri Salvador, TV movies and documentaries for the collection «Cinéastes de notre temps» (directors of today).

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24 February 2008

Anne Littardi

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