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Video: Taraf de Haïdouks «Ostinato»

(Crammed Discs - 2007)
Ostinato & Romanian Dance
Danza ritual del fuego
Waltz from masquerade
In a Persian market
De cînd ma aflat multimea
Romanian folk dances
The missing dance
Parca eu te-am vazut
Hora moldovenesca
Les portes de la nuit
Suita maskarada
bonus édition française :
Dehors, les ténèbres
Azi e nor - i senin

This video portrays the track “Ostinato”, an excerpt of Taraf de Haidouks’ new album “Maskarada”. This is rather a short documentary than a video.

We are invited to a wedding where we assume that Taraf de Haidouks group will perform. So we see both scenes before the wedding and scenes during the party. We don’t know in which part of the world it takes place but let’s imagine that it is in Romania. And as always close to Taraf de Haidouks is Stephane Karo, their Artistic Director.

This video was directed by the Belgian director Yves Mora who is an all-rounder: he works as a composer, cellist, choreographer and video director.

9 April 2008

Anne Littardi

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