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Flight of the Conchords - Foux du Fafa

(Sub Pop - 2008)
Foux du Fafa
Inner City Pressure
Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros
Think About It
Ladies of the World
The Prince of Parties
Leggy Blonde
Robots Boom
A Kiss is not a Contract
The Most Beautiful Girl
Business Time
Au Revoir

Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement met in 1998 at Victoria University of Wellington where they were studying film and theatre.

They founded a music duet, Flight of the Conchords, in New Zealand, mixing music and comedy. They started a radio show on BBC in 2004 before debuting their television series on HBO in June 2007.

After one season of 12 episodes, Flight of the Conchords has a growing reputation for their humor and the quality of their music. After 6 songs recorded on “The Distant Future” in 2007, their first real album contains a selection of the 13 songs from the TV shows. From indie pop to covers of Pet Shop Boys or David Bowie, they propose a various and really funny production.

“Foux du Fafa” is the first song and, maybe, the most popular: do you remember your French class at school? Parlez-vous le francais? Essential, essentiel.

Video Flight of the Conchords : “Foux du Fafa”

28 September 2008


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