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Music video: JohnE-5 «Comment ça va Marc Hamilton?»

(Tacca Musique - 2007)
Comment ça va Marc Hamilton?
Je cours
Mécanique Mélanie
Paradise Island
Un monde galactique
Aimer être cons
En décembre
Comment ça va Marc Hamilton? (Mountain radio remix)

"Comment ça va Marc Hamilton ?" ("How are you Marc Hamilton?") by JohnE-5 chronicles the life of Mark Hamilton.

But who is Marc Hamilton? This sounds at first like the name of a superhero. And yet ... Marc Hamilton is a singer of Quebec whose autobiographical book about his tormented life and the passage of the author in the issue "Tout le monde en parle" ("Everyone talks about") (Quebec issue) inspired the song by JohnE-5. Marc Hamilton was also the interpretation of the song "Comme j’ai toujours envie d’aimer" ("As I have always wanted to love").

The music video, an animation actually, is a journey into the world of manga, Captain Flam, of Goldorak or Star Wars.

The mission of JohnE-5, intergalactic trio of adventurers is to free Marc Hamilton, imprisoned on earth the Kymox in Obersia system.

Helped by a robot named R2 D5, the three friends of John E-5 manage their mission successfully and complete their musical performance in the flesh. The drawing is to be human.

JohnE-5 defines his music as Nu rave (a mixture of new wave, dance and rock) with a very minimalist. This song, very second degree, tells of the horrors of show business.

This music video was directed by Dan Fumaria, leader of rap group CatBurglaz from Quebec. He also filmed music videos of Loco Locass or NSF.

Bon voyage !!

30 December 2008

Philippe Bessière

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