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Bertrand Burgalat - The Ssssound of mmmusic

Pas perdus
Aux cyclades électroniques
Ma rencontre
Ile de béton
Attention amiante
Chaque jour
OK skorplos
Gris métal
Des yeux roses
Le pays imaginaire
Cœur inapaisé

The album title sounds like a rocket taking off. Who then is this famous Bertrand ? He became known as the boss of TRICATEL. This young label produced among others Valérie Lemercier, April March and Etienne Charry, the Oui Oui band’s former singer. Now he has launched he’s own group, keeping faithful to his "easy listening" home made style. The first extract Ma rencontre is a reflection of his second degree humour.

11 January 2004

Philippe Bessière

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