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Autour de Lucie - Faux mouvement

(Le Village Vert/Small/BMG-2000)
Je reviens
Je suis un balancier
Sans commentaire
Chanson de l’arbre
Corps étrangers
La condition pour aimer
La contradiction
Le salon
Le dernier mot

The first album L’échappée belle came out in 1994 under the label Le Village Vert bringing a breath of fresh air to French pop. With their second release, Immobile, in 1997 they settled into an alternative pop style selling more than 50 000 discs albums in the USA. The third album Faux mouvement added electronic vibe to their production. The superb song Je t’attends, is performed by Valérie Veuilliot. This was deemed a great success for the often unknown French pop.

18 October 2003


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