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Collection d’Arnell Andrea - Villiers-aux-vent

(Iris / Prikosnovenie-2003)
Les cendres-lisières
L’auln et la mort
Le chemin des dames
Les hauts de Meuse
Les parvis déserts
Dead or crazy
Deafening breath
Le ravin des fontaines
Les cendre-remixes

Representatives of the English label 4AD in France in the 80’, DEAD CAN DANCE was well-known for its gothic and cold sounds. Their style influenced the following generation of musicians and more particularly Collection d’Arnell Andrea (Orleans-France). "Villiers-aux-vent (Février 1916)", fifth Collection d’Arnell Andrea’s album, was released again in 2003 (Digipack + bonuses).

25 November 2003

Philippe Bessière

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