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Bérurier Noir - Enfoncez l’clown

(Last Call/Wagram-1999)
Tzigane, tzigane
Deux clowns
Noir les horreurs
Fils de...
Petit agité
Vive le feu
Il tua son petit frère
Macadam massacre
Commando Pernod
Comme un Bouddha
Ma mère Noël
La marche funèbre de la jeunesse suicidaire
L’Empereur Tomato-ketchup
Vietnam Laos Cambodge
La danseuse de l’Orient
Capitaine Kirk
Salut à toi

«We reject the system. Prison awaits us. We are the rebels. They won’t catch us». After having founded their own independent label BONDAGE, the BN released a first album Macadam massacre in 1984. Transforming the scene into a circus, these punks clowns denounced all injustices...Their anthem will always be the famous Salut à toi (1985). They decided to part ways in 1990 by organising a huge party at the Zenith (concert hall in Paris), which was reproduced in the Viva Bertaga album. As long as there is blackness there is hope.

12 September 2003


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