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Khaled - Kenza

Aalach tloumouni
El harba wine
C’est la nuit
Trigue lycée
E’dir e’sseba
Ya aachkou
MelkaRaba raba
El bab
El aadyene
Gouloulha dji
Mele h’bibti
Derwiche tourneur

After the success of « Aïcha », Khaled asked to Jean-Jacques Goldman to compose some titles including the first extract entitled « C’est la nuit ». The new album title « Kenza » is actually the first name of his second daughter. It was produced by Steve Hillage and Lati Kronlund. There are fourteen recommended titles including the excellent « El harba wine » a duet with Amar, young mastermind of the Anglo-Pakistani scene.

29 May 2004


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