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2010 Pacifique en chanson: the selected candidates

12 February 2010
The Conseil culturel et artistique francophone de la C.-B. (CCAFCB) selected four applications among the nine that have been submitted last December. Ingrid Rondel, the Jam’n’tonics, Pascale Goodrich-Black and Sylvie Painchaud are the selected candidates who will take part to the 2010 edition of the contest-show Pacifique en chanson. It is important to notice that the finalists’ selection has been particularly hard this year. Due to combined factors, an important number of submissions, the contest new rules, and above all, the high level, musically and artistically speaking, of each candidate, it required several days for the jury members to make their final choice. Certain that our four finalists will touch you with their musical world and their song performances, we invite you to discover and support them, on Friday May 28, 2010, at the auditorium Jules-Verne (Jules-Verne Secondary School, 5445 Baillie street), in Vancouver.

Pacifique en chanson’s beauty consists, among others, in the fact that you, dear audience, are part of this adventure. Indeed during the gala, you are going to be the privileged witness of the four candidates’ run, who together practiced and evolved all along the rehearsal week. During this training, they will benefit from advices given by a team of professionals, all working in the performing arts area. As an artistic director, a musical director, a choreographer, a sound engineer, or house band musicians, these professionals will all have for main task to go get the best in each of the participants.

Pacifique en chanson is a unique springboard giving opportunities to British-Columbian and Yukon artists to make their first step into the world of Francophone popular music. The following step will be for two candidates to participate in Chant’Ouest, the inter-provincial (Alberta, British- Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan) music contest: the two winners of Chant’Ouest getting access to the prestigious International song contest of Granby. For many years, Pacifique en chanson has been contributing to the local blooming of the francophone culture. May 28 will be a promising evening, with beautiful discoveries and an entertainment that will delight the audience as well as the participants.

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