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Workshop for francophone singer-songwriters from British-Columbia

15 November 2010
The CCAFCB improves its training panel given to the artists and offers therefore a series of three workshops which goal is to give French-speaking singer-songwriters and bands a boost in the expansion of their professional career.

Spanning from December 2010 to March 2011, the two selected candidates, either singer-songwriters or bands, will benefit from an individualized follow-up by a musical director, a sound engineer, and a coach in career management. The training will start indeed with Steven Charles (musical director) whose intervention will have for goal to work and get into the arrangements of the three compositions suggested by the artists.

After a rehearsal session, the candidates will be ready to step into a studio for the recording of the three rearranged musical pieces. Supervised by Kris Boyd (sound engineer) and Steven Charles, the singersongwriters or bands who will benefit from the training, will have the opportunity to record their songs in a professional studio and surrounding. Both Kris and Steve will be responsible for the production aspect.

The last step of this mentoring will see Sylvie Rochette bringing the artists to ask themselves the good questions regarding the continuation to give to their musical career.

The CCAFCB issues thus a call for applications to singer-songwriters and bands from British-Columbia (Canada) who desire to commit themselves thoroughly in a professional career.

Deadline: The CCAFCB must receive applications before 5 p.m on November 26, 2010.

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