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The Program of the 2009 Voices of Bamako Festival in Mali

30 December 2008
The Voices of Bamako festival (Les Voix de Bamako) will be held in Bamako (Mali) from 21 to 25 January 2009. The festival wants to be a reflection of Bamako: it is based on the meeting and mixing, according to tradition. "The voices of Bamako" reflect the wealth of heritage and those highlighted in the meeting of different artistic cultures. And the enhancement of traditional culture, women are a central pillar, it shall, of course ...

This second edition of the Voices of Bamako Festival (Voix de Bamako) is a festival of Women for Women and the Women.

The majority of women, even in developed countries, is excluded from the centers of power and decision-making. In Africa in general, women are no exception. There is however a difference in size: they are freer and more enterprising than is in the West. In effect, these women are the hope of a continent awash in bad news. Everywhere, they undertake to improve the lot of them.

The objectives of the 2009 Voices of Bamako Festival

For this Female festival, the greatest artists of African music will illustrate the cultural richness that inspires. Programming, which make many sounds, rhythms, vernacular lyrics, instruments and traditional dances.

Create opportunities for young aspiring artists to be seen and heard and identified by professionals.

Training in the technique of young women in Mali for:
-  Professionalize the field of technical (sound, light, director general) in the sub-region
-  Build on local skills in the organization events and festivals
-  Provide opportunities to women’s access to occupations usually reserved for men

Enhancing cultural heritage is, first to appropriate.

The festival promotes access to all cause:
-  The intergenerational meeting
-  The mix of social, par 3 evenings of free concerts, outdoor, in an ideal

The Program of the 2009 Voices of Bamako Festival in Mali

Wednesday 21 January 2009
9h : Storytelling workshops and theater
17h30 : concerts :
Yaya Coulibaly
Djeli Bonbon

10 major voices of Mali sing against female circumcision
20h : concerts : Night of deans
Abou Fall
Amy Koita
Tata Bambo Kouyate
Bako Danyo
Ma Kouyate n°1

Thursday 22 January 2009
9h : Storytelling workshops and theater
14h30 : Debate: the place of music in the epics and myths of west Africa
17h30 : concerts :
Mah bara Soumano
Sadio Sidibe
M’Baou Tounkara
Sata Kouyate

20h30 : concerts :
Sadio Kouyate
Mangala Camara
Super Biton

Friday 23 January 2009
9h : Storytelling workshops and theater
14h30 : Debate: women, their fight against disease
17h30 : concerts :
Djenba Diakite
Deniba Sanogo

20h : concerts :
Toumani Diabate
Neba Solo
Assa Kida

Yoro Diallo and Diagawara Sale

Saturday 24 January 2009
9h : Storytelling workshops and theater
14h30 : Debate: women facing crisis
16h30 : Puppet Parade
17h30 : concerts :
Roberto Magic
Kade Samake
Mama Toumani

20h30 : concerts :
Saintrick et les Tchielly
Koko Dembele
Afel Bokoum
Babani Koni

Sunday 25 January 2009
14h30 : Afternoon storytelling for children
17h30 : concerts :
Awa Samake 25 janvier
Awa Chole 25 janvier
Dossou Bakayoko 25 janvier

20h30 : concerts :
Oumou Dede Kouyate
Nahawa Doumbia
Ablaye Diabate

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Music Video : Amy Koita «Sanou lolo»

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