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2009 Nouvelle Vague Festival in Genappe: the program

1 February 2009
The Nouvelle Vague (New Wave) Festival will be held on 7 February 2009 in Genappe (Belgium). Nouvelle Vague is the result of reflections of a working group dynamic. The base of this beautiful project organized a study among young people of the entity for their desires. The conclusion: youth Genappe love music but do not have real opportunities to engage in this art. A breach repaired since 7 February 2004. Nouvelle Vague (New Wave) in addition, other opportunities have emerged in particular through the asbl Be Rock or the Echevinat of Youth.

For its sixth edition, Nouvelle Vague (New Wave) will not change a formula that wins. On 7 February 2009, five groups of promising open around the ball. They will have 30 minutes to convince both the public and the jury of the Nouvelle Vague (New Wave) Festival. The thread of the event, as in the first edition is to give these young bands the chance to perform in a professional and real together. These talents will have the opportunity to meet other groups, but especially to meet their public.

As with each edition, the New Wave of work has focused on youth and diversity of genres. If this group "amateurs", it does lack a little rickshaw so that they follow the footsteps of Tellers who played the New Wave in 2006!

The program of the 2009 Nouvelle Vague Festival

4:00 pm
Mus Seven (Belgium - Nivelles)

5:00 pm
Rust Preventive (Belgium - Bousval)

6:00 pm
Splat Cats (Belgium - Nivelles)

7:00 pm
Stereo Grand (Belgium - Genappe)

8:00 pm
Pixel Race (Belgium - Bruxelles)

9:00 pm
Victoria Tibblin (France)

10:30 pm
Starving (Belgium)

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