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2009 Durbuy Rock Festival: the program

20 April 2009
The program of the 2009 Durbuy Rock Festival is known. 8 and 9 May 2009 25 bands spread across the two stages of Durbuy Rock in Bomal-sur-Ourthe near the medieval town of Durbuy (Wallonia - Belgium). For the 13th year the festival will be electrical, metal and hard rock, punk, folk, gothic metal, death, hardcore and hard metal. Durbuy Rock Festival concocted a selection of wonderful discoveries alongside displays real heads of global, all in a really friendly atmosphere: you can hear from other Cradle of Filth, Moonspell, Entombed, New Model Army ...

The program of the 2009 Durbuy Rock Festival in Bomal-sur-Ourthe

Friday 8 May 2009
-  Chickfight (Belgium)
-  Kells (France)
-  Ramon Zarate (Belgium)
-  Turisas (Finland)
-  The Experimental Tropic Blues Band (Belgium)
-  New Model Army (England)
-  Peter Pan Speedrock (Netherlands)
-  Moonspell (Portugal)
-  Crematory (Germany)
-  Cradle of Filth (England)

Saturday 9 May 2009
-  Die Out (Belgium)
-  All of Them (Belgium)
-  Suicide of Demons (Belgium)
-  Ex-Inferis (Luxembourg)
-  Horse the Band (USA)
-  Hacride (France)
-  Amen Ra (Belgium)
-  Trapped under Ice (USA)
-  Sidilarsen (France)
-  Stick to your Guns (USA)
-  Dagoba (France)
-  Born From Pain (Netherlands)
-  Samael (Switzerland)
-  Terror (USA)
-  Entombed (Sweden)

Music videos of bands programmed at 2009 Durbuy Rock Festival

-  Kells «La sphère»

-  Experimental tropic blues band «René the renegade»

-  Hacride «Perturbed by Ben Deka»

-  Samael «Telepath»

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