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The winners of 2009 Ontario POP: the final

27 May 2009
L’Association des professionnels de la chanson et de la musique (APCM) will present the finalists of Ontario POP (2009) Saturday 6 June 2009, 19:30 at the new Shenkman Arts Center in Orleans (Ontario - Canada). Ontario POP, springboard for the emergence musical francophone Ontario will introduce spectators and promising emerging artists from across the province. This event becomes a lever.

The APCM ensuring the continued development in Art Channel (Festival en milieu scolaire (Festival School), Ontario POP, professional services (promotion, distribution, distribution), Gala des prix Trille Or in order to practice one day full-time song and music and perhaps one day win a prix Trille Or.

Andrea Lindsay mentor of 2009 Ontario POP

The discovery of the Gala des prix Trille Or 2007 and winner of two prix Trille Or in 2009 Andrea Lindsay is back in fine form for a tour several shows in Quebec and more recently a tour in Europe that was very well received by our French, Swiss, and Belgians cousins. The winners will have the chance to spend time with the rising star to discuss it with his career. On 6 June next, it will rise on stage Arts Center to give a Shenkman performance that will certainly please all with its catchy songs.

The winners of 2009 Ontario POP

AkoufèN (Timmins)
Bastien Vaultier (Ottawa)
Butch Bouchard (Ottawa)
Lindsay Foley (Casselman)
Rose Ekosso (Ottawa)
Malentendu (Sudbury)

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