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2009 Curd Festival : the program

15 July 2009
Curd Festival will be held from 12 to 16 August 2009 in St. Albert (Ontario - Canada). Like every year this event in Eastern Ontario, around the Curd cheese that made the reputation of St. Albert, offers many activities. This year the Curd Festival, organized by the organizer of the Franco-Ontarian Festival, has produced a master stroke when receiving the Star Académie.

The program of events of the 2009 Curd Festival

Wednesday, 12 August 2009 at 8:00 pm

an evening of laughter presented by the Juste pour rire agency with :
-  Peter Macleod
-  Steeve Diamond
-  Sylvain Larocque
-  Julie Caron

Friday 14 August 2009 at 9:00 pm

Star Académie 2009 arrives at St-Albert with a show specially adapted for the festival with :
-  Brigitte
-  Jean-Philippe
-  Carolanne
-  Maxime Landry
(the winner of Star académie 2009)
-  Émilie
-  Maxime P
-  Joanie
-  Olivier
-  Karine
-  Pascal
-  Sophie
-  Rich
-  Vanessa
-  Wiliam

Saturday 15 August 2009 at 8:00 pm
-  Pat Groulx et les Bas Blancs

Sunday 16 August 2009 at 1:00 pm
-  La Ligue du bonheur

The Farmer’s market of the 2009 St-Albert’s Curd Festival

Eastern Ontario is known for its beautiful scenery, its cheese-dairy, the warmth of its people and bountiful crops. But did you know that the MacIntosh apple was created in Eastern Ontario? That foie gras, Angus beef, lamb, duck and goat meat are also produced in Eastern Ontario? That’s why we created the Farmer’s market at Curd festival. A great way to meet the producers and taste the fruits of their labour! Visitors will have the chance to buy the products on site and see our chef cook up delicious recipes with local produce. Free cooking demonstrations and samplings all weekend long.

Free cooking demonstrations and samplings:
-  Saturday August 15th 1pm and 6 pm
-  Sunday August 16th 1pm and 4 pm

The giant maze arrives at 2009 St-Albert’s Curd festival

This year the festival welcomes a collosal visitor : A giant maze made out of hay ! 1 023 supersized bails of hay to be exact . The equivalent of 20 000 standard size bails of hay. Weighing at 310 tons this giant covers over 8 334 square feet of land ! After months of planning the Curd festival is proud to offer the first giant maze of hay in Eastern Ontario. It’s sure to become one of the star attraction fo the Festival ! Once inside visitors will have the chance to discover secret chambers, solve puzzles and find the petting zoo inside ! This ambitious project won’t dissapear at the end of the festival. The design team made sure the giant maze had an educational value, in order to offer a fun learning activity this autumn to the school boards in the region. Kids will learn about the legend of the maze and the Minotaur, and much more.

The giant maze at St-Albert’s Curd festival, surely to be a HUGE success !

Maze schedule:
-  Wednesday : 5 pm - 7:30 pm
-  Thursday and friday: 4 pm - 7:30 pm
-  Saturday ans Sunday : 10 am- 7:30 pm ( with petting zoo

Professionnal rodeo at 2009 St-Albert’s Curd festival

On Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 August 2009, from 15 pm the Curd festival offers festival-goers to attend one of the most exciting rodeos of the year. No fewer than 200 participants will gather at the rodeo Festival to share more than $ 30,000 in scholarship!

Again this year the competition is part of the qualifying circuit in preparation for the Canada Cup. In addition, festival-goers will have the chance to meet competitors and horses to pander to the competition venue on Saturday from 18h to 19h and Sundays from noon to 13h.

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