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  Kassav - Best of
by OM 7 December 2008
Creators of « zouk » music, Kassav promoted his music style for 30 years worldwide, selling millions of records. The founders, (...) More

  Neg Marrons - Liens sacrés
by Ben 2 November 2008
Former members of Secteur A, Ben J, Jacky Brown, and Djamatik created a band called Neg Marrons to develop their own style based on (...) More

  Flight of the Conchords - Foux du Fafa
by Ivy 28 September 2008
Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement met in 1998 at Victoria University of Wellington where they were studying film and theatre. They (...) More

  Maurice Chevalier - Valentine
by Michael 23 July 2008
Maurice Chevalier, with a double career as an actor and singer, is still one of the most famous French artists in the world. The (...) More

  Félix Leclerc - Le petit bonheur
by Olivier Marteau 22 May 2008
The Francophone world has some heroes: few of them are artists who succeeded to promote their culture outside their native community. (...) More

  Claude François - Autrement dit
by Michael 19 March 2008
With 70 millions albums sold, Claude François is one of the most famous French-speaking artists of the 1960s and 1970s. Born in Egypt in (...) More

  Taraf de Haidouks - Maskarada
by Anne Littardi 16 February 2008
«Maskarada» is Taraf de Haidouks’ fifth album. This album is a new one not only because it offers new tracks but also because (...) More

  Alpha Blondy - Jah Victory
by Ben 18 December 2007
Born in 1953 in Dimbokro, Ivory Coast, Seydou Koné (Alpha Blondy) was raised by his mother and grandmother Bintou. Called Elvis Blondy by (...) More

  Hocus Pocus - Place 54
by Anne Littardi 28 October 2007
Here it is! Hocus Pocus’s second album « Place 54 » is available. After the success of their first album « 73 Touches », fans (...) More

  Young Gods - XXY 1985/2005
by Philippe Bessière 1 August 2007
1989: a UFO from the Roman Switzerland is in the famous Brittish Indie Top 20 with « L’amourir » and « Pas mal ». This band, a (...) More

  TTC - 3615 TTC
by Ben 2 July 2007
Creative genius or bad old-fashioned « nuts », the collective band called TTC provokes radical comments on their third album. Teki (...) More

  Air - Pocket Symphony
by FMX 16 March 2007
Discovered with the song « Sexy boy » in 1998, Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunkel are today the most famous artists from Versailles. (...) More

  Pine Leaf Boys - La musique
by OM 20 January 2007
This new Cajun band is formed by Wilson Savoy, Cedric Watson, Drew Simon, Jon Bertrand and Blake Miller. In two years, they became very (...) More

  Edith Piaf - La vie en rose
by Olivier Marteau 8 November 2006
Born on December 15, 1915 in Belleville (Paris), Edith Giovanna Gassion is the daughter of Anita, an Italian-Kabyl singer known as Line (...) More

  MC Solaar - Le tour de la question
by Ben 29 September 2006
Claude M’Barali is born in Dakar (Senegal) on March 5, 1969. His parents immigrated from Tchad to Villeneuve Saint-Georges, one (...) More

  Les Cowboys Fringants - La grand messe
by Olivier Marteau 14 May 2006
Karl Tremblay (lead singer), Jérôme Dupras (bass), Dominque Lebeau (drums), Marie-Annick Lépine (violin, guitar) and Jean-François Pauzé (...) More

  Charles Aznavour - Greatest hits
by Olivier Marteau 23 March 2006
Micha and Knar Aznavour, immigrants of Armenia, gave birth to Charles in Paris on May 22, 1924. Before becoming one of the most famous (...) More

  Tiken Jah Fakoly - Coup de gueule
by Olivier Marteau 2 February 2006
On this fifth record, our African « modern griot » uses reggae music to expose, to illustrate people’s suffering throughout the (...) More

  Jacques Brel - Ne me quitte pas
by Olivier Marteau 16 November 2005
French-speaking music has its heroes: Jacques Brel is one of them. He’s born April 8Th, 1929, in a Bruxelles suburb called (...) More

  Magic System - Le gaou va bouger?
by Ben 20 October 2005
Magic System’s success has been a great is surprise: the band is formed by Asalfo, Goudé, Tino and Manadja in 1996 in Ivory Coast. (...) More

  Nadiya - 16/9
by Ben 15 October 2005
2005 French Music Award winner for the best rap/R&B album, Nadiya is a « warrior » who takes life as a daily fight. Her first record (...) More

  Serge Gainsbourg - Gainsbourg forever
by OM 25 August 2005
Lucien Ginszburg, born in 1928, became a myth in the typical Chanson. Singer, writer, director, actor,... he’s also famous for (...) More

  Corneille - Parce qu’on vient de loin
by Ben 23 July 2005
Nyungarura is his family name: Corneille is born in 1977 and grew up in Kigali, Rwanda until 1994. After the genocide and his (...) More

  Carla Bruni - Quelqu’un m’a dit
by OM 28 June 2005
Carla Bruni was a huge success in 2003. Born in Turin in 1968, she became a super-model and has now succeeded in proving her singing (...) More

  Meiway - Golgotha
by Ben 9 April 2005
Frédéric Désiré Ehui is born March 17, 1962, in Grand Bassam, a coastal town in the east of Abidjan. He came to Paris in 1989 and founded the (...) More

  Lost Bayou Ramblers - Pilette breakdown
by OM 8 March 2005
In Louisiana, the new generation of Cajun musicians is very creative. Les Frères Michot, who gave us two albums, left their children for (...) More

  Clémentine - Long courrier
by Philippe Bessière 1 March 2005
She’s the most famous French singer in Japan; but only in Japan. Covering some French classic songs, adapting international songs (...) More

  Tiken Jah Fakoly - Françafrique
by Anne Littardi 9 November 2004
Finally the album of the dedication for this singer reggae of the Ivory Coast who has been just signed by Barclay. Already very popular (...) More

  La Bottine Souriante - La mistrine
by Olivier Marteau 6 August 2004
After 25 years career and having sold in the «Belle Province» (Quebec) 500 000 records, here comes the 8th album of this great (...) More

  Ronald Bourgeois - Le long retour
by Olivier Marteau 15 June 2004
From Cap-Breton (New-Scotland, Canada), this spontaneous and welcoming Acadian shares with us his love and emotions of a scattered (...) More

  Saint Germain - Tourist
by FMX 10 June 2004
After the success of « Boulevard » published by F.COM in 1995, Ludovic Navarre, better known under the pseudonym ’St (...) More

  Dalida - Revolution
by Michael 1 June 2004
Come back of the forever Diva’s for our preferred French speaking "varieté" music style. Of Italian origins, born in Egypt, Dalida (...) More

  Khaled - Kenza
by AnnL 29 May 2004
After the success of « Aïcha », Khaled asked to Jean-Jacques Goldman to compose some titles including the first extract entitled « (...) More

  MC Solaar - Cinquième As
by Anne Littardi 23 May 2004
Born in Senegal, the French rap poet appeared in 1990 with the title « Bouge de là » which won a « Victoire de la musique » award in (...) More

  Benjamin Biolay - Rose Kennedy
by OM 31 April 2004
At 28 years old, he became famous co-writing with Keren Ann Henri Salvador’s « Jardin d’hiver » album which accumulated (...) More

  Saian Supa Crew - KLR
by Ben 20 April 2004
«Angela», the biggest French speaking hit of the year 2000 ? Brightly mixing Rap, Zouk , R’nB, Ragga and Soul this group released (...) More

  Little Rabbits - Radio
by LeonTieff 18 April 2004
After the «Dedalus» (1993), «Grand public» (1996), «Yeah !» (1998) and «La Grande musique» (2001) albums, the Little Rabbits came back (...) More

  Grand Popo FC - Shampoo victims
by Philippe Bessière 10 April 2004
Fruit of the dynamic label ATMOSPHERIQUES which gave us Mellow or Herman Düre, this new electronic band took on the name of African village (...) More

  Joe Dassin - Ses plus grands succès
by Michael 8 April 2004
Who never hummed one of Joe Dassin’s songs ? His hit songs are numerous, from funny songs like Les Daltons, A Paris en vélo, Le (...) More

  Henri Salvador - Chambre avec vue
by OM 18 March 2004
Henri Salvador, son of Guadeloupe natives (French West Indies), born in French Guyana, has not forgotten that he started in the French (...) More

  Charles Trenet - Le fou chantant
by Michael 6 March 2004
This tribute to Chanson started his career in the 30’s. His successful songs are many : «Y’a d’la joie», «Boum», «Je (...) More

  Mirwais - Production
by FMX 18 January 2004
In 1980, TAXI GIRL released two new wave titlles «Mannekin» (which became the name of their own label) and mainly the hit «Cherchez le (...) More

  Bertrand Burgalat - The Ssssound of mmmusic
by Philippe Bessière 11 January 2004
The album title sounds like a rocket taking off. Who then is this famous Bertrand ? He became known as the boss of TRICATEL. This young (...) More

  Bob Sinclar - Champs Elysée
by FMX 13 December 2003
Chris «the French kiss» was known untill 1998 as one of the two founders of LA YELLOW PRODUCTION, reference label for the « French (...) More

  Collection d’Arnell Andrea - Villiers-aux-vent
by Philippe Bessière 25 November 2003
Representatives of the English label 4AD in France in the 80’, DEAD CAN DANCE was well-known for its gothic and cold sounds. (...) More

  Tiken Jah Fakoly - Cours d’histoire
by Ben 27 October 2003
No, Jamaican reggae is not the only good reggae ! Of course, Made in France reggae is “in” but have you ever listened to (...) More

  Autour de Lucie - Faux mouvement
by AnnL 18 October 2003
The first album L’échappée belle came out in 1994 under the label Le Village Vert bringing a breath of fresh air to French pop. With (...) More

  Jean Leloup - L’amour est sans pitié
by Olivier Marteau 12 October 2003
A mix between Bashung, Dutronc and Gainsbourg is this young man’s musical recipe whose career started in 1985 taking on the role (...) More

  Tanya Saint-Val - Ansanm’
by Ben 21 September 2003
Some days I’m pissed off like everyone else ! My cure : I take out my Tanya Saint-Val CD. There are two possible outcomes, (...) More

  Bérurier Noir - Enfoncez l’clown
by OM 12 September 2003
«We reject the system. Prison awaits us. We are the rebels. They won’t catch us». After having founded their own independent (...) More
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