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2009 Balélec Festival in Lausanne: the program

17 April 2009
The Balélec Festival unveiled its 2009 programming. The biggest student festival in Europe to be held on 8 May 2009 in Lausanne on campus EPFL (Switzerland) will receive many values of music: ((Assassin, Max Romeo, Lofofora, the roar of Leo, The Toasters, Troy Pierce, DJ Fresh)) ... On the seven scenes, each representing their style music more than thirty groups will vibrate the spectators of Balélec, and among the many booths and various animations.

The news of the 2009 edition of the Balélec Festival

This 29th edition will provide a larger club with no less than 3 dancefloors - (Club Electro, Club and Club DrumnBass Disco) - and 4 scenes where a cohort of head displays will be accompanied by young discoveries. The festival will open its doors at 19h, leaving the public the opportunity to come and taste the cuisines of the world to the various stands. Moving the entrance to the north side exit of the M1 provide access more secure and more comfortable for festival goers. In 2008, the Balélec Festival welcomed more than 12,000 festival goers.

Presentation of the Balélec Festival

The Balélec Festival, while an event to success, is primarily an association non-profit run by a committee composed of a fifty volunteers for the majority of students. The organizing committee is split into five entities all working together for years prepare an important event.

The program of the 2009 Balélec Festival in Lausanne

Big Scene
-  Grand Mother’s Funck (Switzerland)
-  Les Hurlements D’Léo (France)
-  Assassin (France)
-  Max Roméo (Jamaica)

Azimuts Scene
-  Najavibes (Switzerland)
-  Lofofora (France)
-  The Toasters (USA)
-  Maniacx (France)

Sat Scene
-  Fablous (Switzerland)
-  Deal’s Gone Bad (USA)
-  GagaDilo (Roumania - Hungary)
-  Nomadic Lab (France)

Squatt Scene
-  Anach Cuan (Switzerland)
-  EasyDoor (Switzerland)
-  Chlorofeel (Switzerland)
-  Neverfall (Switzerland)
-  Synsoma (Switzerland)

The Club - Electro
-  Garance (Switzerland)
-  Paul EG (Switzerland)
-  Jeff Swing (Switzerland)
-  Troy Pierce (Minus) (USA)

The Club - Drum’n’Bass
-  Autopath (Switzerland)
-  Camo (Austria)
-  Dj Fresh (England)

The Club Disco
-  Rock Band Contest
-  DJ All-Style Frequence Banane

Music videos bands programmed at2009 Balélec Festival

-  Grand Mother’s Funck «How Far»

-  Lofofora «Mémoire de singe»

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