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2011Pacifique en chanson: the selected candidates

26 January 2011
The Conseil culturel et artistique francophone de la Colombie-Britannique (CCAFCB), through a jury especially set up for the occasion, has selected the four candidates who are going to set foot on the 2011 Pacifique en chanson stage the upcoming May 27th.

You will thus have the opportunity to discover two bands with Marée Noire (Nanaimo) and Niktex (Victoria) and two singer-songwriters, who are Mathew Pellerin Bergeron (Squamish) and Myriam Parent (Vancouver), at the auditorium Jules-Verne (5445 Baillie street) in Vancouver.

Impatient to kick off, our four candidates will have the opportunity to improve their musical and artistic skills during one week, well supervised by a team of professional musicians and coaches.

Body language, voice coaching, improvisation and technical aspects of the profession are going to be part of the training week.

Every year, the CCAFCB receives a great number of applications and wishes as a result to congratulate every artist who applied. Originality, quality and consistent proactive approach were elements found in each submission. Therefore, whether they are selected or not, every artist who submits an application to Pacifique en chanson reveals the vitality of the sector and represents the future of British-Columbia and Yukon French song!

The diversity of music styles heard by the jury, from Folk to Heavy metal, and chanson française, also represents a beautiful range of what the francophone musical community has best to offer.

Pacifique en chanson is a unique springboard giving opportunities to British-Columbian and Yukon artists to make their first step into the world of Francophone popular music. The following step will be for two candidates to participate in Chant’Ouest, the inter-provincial (Alberta, British-Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan) music contest: the two winners of Chant’Ouest getting access to the prestigious International song contest of Granby. For many years, Pacifique en chanson has been contributing to the local blooming of the francophone culture. May 28 will be a promising evening, with beautiful discoveries and an entertainment that will delight the audience as well as the participants.

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